Bill Clinton and Obama Set the Stage for Mass Killings at Military Bases

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clinton obamaAnother mass shooting means another diversion from the hard reality of what is going on and another political opportunity for the anti-Constitution, anti-freedom mouthpieces in Washington and around the nation to go on another binge of talking head appearances and demands for pie in the sky legislation.

Even as the events were unfolding, the propagandist-in-chief was including some timely gun-grabbing remarks into his previously scheduled appearance to discuss another tragedy, the American economy.

This pandering and politicizing of situations for political manipulation in order to further degrade and diminish our rights and our Constitution must stop.

Instead of adopting the typical cloak of innocent victimization, laying all of the blame for the deaths at the feet of the shooter, why not take a more comprehensive look at the problem and possible solutions to the loss of life that takes place.

Why not assign a portion of the blame to the co-perpetrators of these tragic events, the misguided legislators and executives who create the fertile environment for these types of hideous actions to occur. Why not place the deserved blame at the feet of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and their subservient legislative ilk?

Bill Clinton mandated in 1993 that military bases be gun-free, aside from the military police.

The Rules for military installations regarding the possession of firearms as detailed on are as follows:

Non-Military Personnel

  • The rules on non-military personnel having firearms on base on clear: They are never allowed. No civilian entering a base is allowed to have a firearm of any kind either on their person or in their vehicle. It doesn’t matter if the person has a permit to carry a concealed weapon in that state; only military personnel are allowed to carry firearms on a military base. There are no exceptions to this rule, and civilians who come onto base with a firearm can end up facing serious jail time.

Private Gun Ownership

  • Under the 1993 order passed by then-President Bill Clinton, carrying a private firearm on a military base was banned on military bases in the United States. Individuals could privately own firearms if they lived on base, but those firearms could not be carried on the person while on base. This order was revised on Pentagon orders in 2010, and now specifically requires that every private gun brought onto base be registered with the Military Police. The rules also require harsher enforcement of rules forbidding the carrying of private firearms on base.

Barry Hussein Obama could have changed the policy, even after the previous incident at Fort Hood and perhaps this latest incident would have ended much differently. Maybe it would not have occurred. Being the chief opponent of the U.S. Constitution, that was not going to happen. His failure to act left these people unable to stop an armed madman. The single individual most responsible for there being no return fire capability and the loss of life in the incident at the Naval Shipyards is B. Hussein Obama.


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